Grow the Retail Basket delivers the whole suite of Protect-A-Bed’s strengths to increase revenue for retailers through growth in top-of-bed accessory sales. Through this campaign, retailers are provided the support needed to improve sales including: Marketing, Product, Display, Training, Service and Trust. Schedule an appointment today and learn how Protect-A-Bed can increase revenue by Growing Your Retail Basket.

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Increase Your Slice of The

$ 5 Billion

Top-Of-The-Bed Market

  • Increase Market Share
  • Drive Sales
  • Build Your Margin

Grow the Basket Campaign, one our industry needs.

Dave Perry, Furniture Today,

The REM-Fit Brand Store

The REM-Fit Brand Store is designed to help retailers be successfull by delivering an integrated digital and brick-and-mortar customer experience. It helps attract a new generation of consumers. It presents a complete product story, increasing incremental sales of products and accessories.

Brand Store Components

The REM-Fit Brand Store has three primary components:

  • In-store display and product offering
  • Omni-channel marketing program
  • Sales support and training

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Protect-A-Bed® provides collections of encasements, protectors, sheets, pillows, pillow protectors, sleep technology and other products focused on healthy and enhanced sleep. *Best selling Protect-A-Bed items in the product category shown below.

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#1 Selling Protector*

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